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Wound Specialist Services strives for excellence, ensuring that our services are ethical, high quality, evidence-based, patient-centred and provided by a qualified and experienced team who is accountable and appropriately credentialed.

Michelle Gibb

Dr. Michelle Gibb

Founder & Director

Dr Michelle Gibb, Founder and Director of Wound Specialist Services, is a nationally and internationally recognised wound expert and nurse leader with a passion for improving patient outcomes. Michelle has a Doctor of Philosophy, Masters of Nursing Science (Nurse Practitioner), Masters of Wound Care, Bachelor of Nursing and almost 20 years’ career experience in the specialty of wounds in a range of health service contexts.


A Nurse Practitioner of great talent and enormous ambition, Michelle Gibb is a key opinion leader in the specialty of wounds. Dedicated to improving patient outcomes through her caring and compassionate approach combined with advanced skills gained through extensive experience and education.


Experiences gained locally and abroad have given Michelle diverse insight into what is needed to improve patient and service outcomes.


Michelle has been awarded numerous prestigious awards for her contribution to nursing and wound care including a Churchill Fellowship in 2010.


Michelle has a proven ability to inspire, motivate and develop others in the specialty of wounds, she is a professional leader, role model and mentor and has demonstrated ability to lead others through change.

Sharon Whalley

Nurse Practitioner

Sharon Whalley is a Nurse Practitioner and Lymphoedema Therapist (Level 1) with a passion for growing the next generation of health professionals. Sharon has a wealth of experience in a range of clinical areas but her true passion lies in the specialty of wounds. Sharon is dedicated to improving wound outcomes for people with wounds. 

Business Administrator

Juliette Gibb

Business Manager

Juliette Gibb has worked for Wound Specialist Services in 2020. As the Business Manager, Juliette provides support to the Director and Clinical Team in order to establish, operationalise and coordinate the delivery of our comprehensive range of programs. 

Virtual Admin Team

Our Virtual Admin Team provide much needed support to improve customer service and provide administrative support to our clinical staff. Our Virtual Admin Team can effectively answer and respond to any enquiries regarding Wound Specialist Services, give them a call today.

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