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Virtual Wound Clinic

Caring for people with wounds is a challenge for healthcare workers and organisations globally.

The use of digital technology is a solution to many of the challenges facing the wound care industry.

The Virtual Wound Clinic:

  • Is a versatile solution that improves access to expert clinical opinion
  • Improves the safety and quality of care
  • Facilitates remote training and support of healthcare workers in real-time and in context
  • Helps avoid complications and hospital admissions and readmissions
  • Improves an organisations cost efficiency and effectiveness
  • Is a secure, integrated collaborative communication platform
  • Affordable, mobile and user-friendly

The Virtual Wound Clinic enables the right person to provide the right service at the right time using the right techniques. Our ultimate goals are to create a better life for people with or at risk for wounds and those caring for them. We support healthcare workers and organisations to improve the safety and quality of care at a lower cost.

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