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Our Wound Management Resources Shop provides additional resources for improving wound healing outcomes and online tools for wound management education.


Our evidence-based training resources are regularly reviewed and updated with the latest industry learnings. From webinars and videos to flip charts, Wound Specialist Services provides all the resources you need to upskill your team in wound prevention and management. 


To ensure that your staff is fully prepared to meet best-practice guidelines, become a SWAT Team Member. You’ll gain multi-user access to our advanced training courses  while gaining on-demand support whenever you need it. If you need more assistance with our wound management programs and services, please feel free to give us a chat below or contact us.

Clinical Service Improvement Program

Digital Courses

Learn how to assess and treat wounds better to improve patient outcomes. Improve your knowledge, and skills by learning about assessment, management and prevention strategies for common wound types.

A to Almost Z of Wound Dressings

A to Almost Z of Wound Dressings

Designed to assist clinicians when selecting wound dressings. It is a helpful resource that contains a range of information on wound dressing products together with helpful hints and tips to help you select the appropriate dressing. Available 25th August

Virtual Peer Support - Wound ViPS Sessions

The Wound ViPS sessions are like a community of practice. A group of clinicians who share a concern, set of problems or passion about the topic of skin and wound care and who want to deepen their knowledge and confidence by meeting on a regular basis.


SWAT Membership

An exciting membership program that will give you access to practical strategies and high-quality, evidence-based information to assess, treat and prevent wounds.

7 Factors that Affect Wound Healing

Complete Guide to Wound Care

Other Services

Wound Specialist Services have a range of other services available, such as consultancy, auditing, webinars or workshop hosting. Give us a call to find out more or go to our Clinical Services Page.