Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to check before the session starts?

Ensure that you have access to a computer, laptop, tablet or phone with a camera and internet connection.
You need a minimum of 300kbps bandwidth at the location you are joining from. Click here to complete a speed test.
PC/Laptop Setup
If you are using a PC or laptop check you have a camera, microphone and speakers.Click here to complete a device test.
Google Chrome
Coviu will work best using the Google Chrome browser over any other.
You will need to have at least the Safari 12+ update
Spyware/anti-virus software 
This may need to be disabled for your sessions.
Environment set-up
Ideally, the session will take place in a quiet room, with all light coming in-front of the device/laptop/PC rather than behind.
In the event of any difficulty with the connection, please have your mobile phone nearby so we can contact you.
Finally, please note that Coviu is a safe and secure environment. None of the data that is exchanged in a Coviu call is saved anywhere.
All of the call, including audio, video and data, is encrypted between you and the practitioner so nobody can listen into the call.

Here is a short video to help you set up. If you have any problems, please call us on 07 3289 3102.

What You Need to Know About Your Telehealth Appointment

When you booked your Telehealth appointment you would have received an email with a link to the Wound Specialist Services waiting room as well as a link to our ShareFile portal where you can upload the files required by our practitioner during your appointment.

File Upload Portal

Please ensure you upload the following files to the Client Portal prior to your appointment:

– Photographs of the wound(s)

– Brief description of the problem and current treatment

– Health summary

– Medication summary

– Results of any recent investigations (where relevant)

Consult Waiting Room

A few minutes before your appointment click on the link to Wound Specialist Services Virtual Waiting Room (accessed from your email or click here and wait for your practitioner to enter the Telehealth appointment.

Your session will include:

– Telehealth appointment with your wound care practitioner

– Discussion of the history of your wound

– Review of your general health

– Review of how your wound is currently being treated

– Formulate a wound management plan

Appointment Payment

You will be contacted by one of the reception staff prior to your appointment to arrange payment of your consultation.

Consultation Fees:

– Initial Appointment: $230 (Medicare Rebate $54.60, Gap $175.40.)

– Review appointments: $130 (Medicare Rebate $37.00, Gap $93.00)

Is there any Patient Criteria for an Appointment?

Ineligible patients:

The following patients are ineligible for treatment:

– Life threatening and / or severe traumatic injury

– Acutely unwell and / or medically unstable

– Abnormal test results that require urgent medical intervention

– Treatment required outside scope of practice

– Partial / full thickness burns in adults >10% of total body surface area and <5% TBSA for children

– Partial / full thickness burns involving face or neck, hands, feet, perineum, genitalia or major joints, circumferential burns and pregnancy with cutaneous burns

– Burns caused by chemical, electricity (including lightning), associated with inhalation injury and suspected non-accidental injury

– Burns with concomitant trauma or pre-existing unstable health condition

– Significant deterioration in wound with sepsis or infarction and / or deterioration in general health since last review

Please contact for more information on patient eligibility and appointments.

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