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Information for Referrers

Wound Specialist Services provides expert wound services for consumer groups, nurses, doctors, allied health and other health professionals and organisations including tertiary education, hospitals and health services, residential aged care facilities and community organisations.

Wound Specialist Services works in collaboration with healthcare organisations to provide expert advice for adults aged over 18 years with low acuity or chronic wounds of all types and for those at risk for wound occurrence or recurrence.

The following patients are ineligible for treatment and/or require immediate referral:

– Life threatening and/or severe traumatic injury

– Acutely unwell and/or medically unstable

– Abnormal test results that require urgent medical intervention

– Treatment required outside scope of practice

– Partial/full thickness burns in adults ≥ 10% of total body surface area (TBSA) and ≥ 5% TBSA for children

– Partial/full thickness burns involving face or neck, hands, feet, perineum, genitalia or major joints, circumferential burns and pregnancy with cutaneous burns

– Burns caused by chemical, electricity (including lightening), associated with inhalation injury and suspected non-accidental injury

– Burns with concomitant trauma or pre-existing unstable health condition

– Significant deterioration in wound with sepsis or infarction and/or deterioration in general health

Wound Specialist Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Wound Clinic?

Wound Specialist Services provides online virtual or telephone telehealth services. We also offer onsite assessments, if required. Wound Specialist Services offers facilities support to meet the required standards for the prevention and management of chronic wounds.

What Conditions do you treat?

We offer a wound care service for people with acute, chronic or non-healing wounds and for those with a history of wounds.


Conditions treated include:

What's included in an appointment?

First appointment (90 minutes)

The first appointment includes a full holistic assessment, non-invasive investigations, diagnosis and treatment.


During this time, the client will see our health team and we will make recommendations on the most appropriate plan of care based on assessment findings and any follow-up treatment or referrals required.


We provide the referrer and other health professionals involved in the client’s care with a detailed report outlining our assessment findings, diagnosis, treatment provided and recommendations for ongoing care.


Ongoing appointments (30-60 minutes)

Depending on the type of wound and the complexity, ongoing appointments may be scheduled on a regular basis so that we can monitor progress. At these appointments we will evaluate the success of the treatment plan and make changes if required.

What are the costs?

There are government subsidies for those that are over 65 years as well as fee-for-service for private clients. Please contact our team at Wound Specialist Services for more information.

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